Building a highly motivated learner takes time, energy and skill.  But it should be the ultimate goal of every educator.  The TimeToTeach approach to differentiated instruction can make that a reality for you!


Nothing in education can match walking into a highly engaged classroom.  These learning spaces are filled with energy and excitment for learning.  Pure fiction you say?  Give our strategies a chance in your classroom.  Commit to creating a new, vibrant learning environment and we'll make a believer out of you.  Guaranteed.



"I can't teach the way I want to because the state test is waiting for me at the end of the year!"  Unfortunately, I hear this from educator all too often.  It's sad to know that teachers have resigned themselves to boring lessons that "get the job done".  We believe there is a better way, a way that can help with both parts of the equation.  The TimeToTeach approach doesn't ignore the "test" it attacks it head on and helps create successful students who are confident and ready to be successful.

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